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Infrastructure Management


Complete IT Infrastructure Management

Our experts can follow you in the design and implementation of complex projects taking care of all the phases of the work, from the planning to the management of the available resources. Subsequently, we can take care of monitoring, troubleshooting and possible recovery in case of malfunctions.

How can we help you

Server and Cloud
We can create and manage your entire infrastructure, whether on premise or in cloud using the best tools to get the best performance, security and lower your operational costs.
Backup and Restore
A human error, hardware failure or malware like ramsonware can cause economic and reputation damage. For this reason we can take care of company backups to minimize the possibility of data loss, studying together the best strategy and the appropriate retention policy.
Firewall and Networking
We analyze, implement and carefully check the best networking structure for your project, following the best practices in terms of performance and safety, without compromising functionality.
Disaster Recovery
We can help you to implement a cloud-based Disaster Recovery strategy, a very advantageous method as it offers fast recovery times, typical of in-house infrastructures, but at reduced costs thanks to a cost calculated to the effective use of resources and active only in case of actual need.

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