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Infrastructure Automation

Automate your IT infrastructures

We put the automatic gearbox to your servers, processes, flows and policies
  • Automation of server configurations
  • Automation and enforcing security policies
  • Activity report and server compliance
  • LXC, Docker, Kubernetes container management

Why automate?

Statistically speaking, most of the operations performed daily are repetitive.
Repetitive operations

Most of the tasks that are performed daily on the infrastructure are repetitive. Hence the need to program the recurring tasks in order to simplify their management.


Most operations performed in a non-standard way are not governed by a control system, thus being exposed to vulnerability.


The automation of processes and flows leads to considerable savings in terms of time for the performance of daily or scheduled operations.


Using a configuration management system, the risk that configurations are incorrectly deleted or modified is minimized. Thus putting all the configurations of the entire IT ecosystem in safety.

Tell us about your Worflow

Tell us about your current systems, we will analyze and propose the best workflow to automate repetitive operations