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Multi-Cloud Management

Cloud Management made easy - Public, Private or Hybrid

The cloud is constantly evolving to respond to ever-increasing market demands. About 80% of companies have confirmed that in the next 5 years they will completely move their IT infrastructure into the cloud. About two-thirds of the companies also claimed to have already trusted three or more cloud providers.

How can we help you

Our Team will analyze your requirements, your budget and objectives to offer you a tailor-made Cloud solution!
We plan your solution together, thanks to the careful analysis of our team, carried out on the new infrastructure or on the pre-existing one.
For your company through new technologies that represent a de facto standard in today's cloud world.

Easy management

We use the best Open-Source tools to offer you a safe and intuitive management of your Cloud, all through your browser or your mobile phone.

Why put your data in the Cloud

Speed, Costs and Efficiency with 0 concerns on hardware, network or redundancy
Depending on the traffic or needs, you can have an environment that can automatically increase or decrease resources.
Data security
Have your data in secure locations, ensuring continuity in the event of malfunction, fire, theft or any other problem.
Instant backups
The Cloud offers several backup solutions based on the desired scenario, from snapshot to data storage on distributed storage.
By using standard technologies in our implementations, you can easily migrate your data from one Cloud provider to another.
Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers reliable cloud-based solutions to meet the needs of all businesses. By running your solution in the AWS cloud, applications will be up and running faster, in an infrastructure that guarantees the highest level of security.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) frees you from the burden of having to manage the infrastructure, provision servers and configure networks. It allows you to innovate to those who create novelties and to code to those who create code.
OVH - Available in 5 continents, OVH offers innovative and safe platforms, perfect for professionals, startups, SMEs and Key Accounts. Over one million customers in 138 countries.

Tell us about your Cloud project

Automation, Performance, Simplicity and Security of your data

You will be contacted by an expert who will help you in choosing the best solution.